Intelligent Wind Shelter
Urban Structure
Conceptual Design
David Holzhause
Stefanie Wille

Biology was from the beginning one of the biggest and most important inspiring fields in Design. The natural and biological structures, materials and systems are mostly so well developed through ages, that can be used in today's high-tech systems for the best efficient results possible.
In this conceptual design for a wind shield, we used different scenarios from natural sources to get the best possible answer for our problem. Intensive wind loads.
Most suitable for megacities like berlin, which have strong windy seasons, the intelligent wind shelter is designed in the way to protect pedestrian and daily passengers. It can locate itself in a genius way against the wind direction, and one can control the openness grade with a pedal to reach the maximum protection level. The whole structure is pretty economical, super easy to install and sustainable.
In the short introductive clip above are more details available.


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