From Urban Flaws to Urban Flows
Seoul, South Korea
Urban Design

The Jemulpo-gil expressway caused for many years not only lots of problems and difficulties for the Korean citizens but also caused lots of ecological problems in the scale of a metropolitan city. Low per-capita of Green spaces, dense urban pattern, low-rise building, segregated areas by highway and conflicts in different urban intersections are the main routes of lots of other problems like illegibility, lack of identity, lack of joy and attractiveness, sense of insecurity, static urban structure, uneven urban growth etc.

Using all the gathered information, the scenario of our general approach was written. Through this approach, four filters of “Influences”, “Compatibility”, “Dependence” and “Transparency” applies on the three main “Urban Flaws” which caused lots of problems: “Economic Flaws”, “Traffic/Dynamic Flaws” and “Cultural/Social Flaws”. The whole concept was to reduce the “Conflicts” and transform them into “Interactions”.
The result will be the “Interactive Urban Flows”, which have a great connection with each other but are still very legible and secure. This general approach leads finally to the strategies, divided in five categories. For each category different tools were proposed. The effort was to use the practical tools which were truly executable.

Now imagine yourself doing whatever you want to do in a very transparent urban space, with dazzling lights in Technicolor, and the highest level of trust-worthiness. It gives you freedom. It nurtures your imagination. Your soul. It gives you power. You see everything, you know about all the flows, you know exactly what’s going on, yet you know exactly where you’re placed, it is no mixed‐up situation. You are not only a total spectator anymore. For the first time, you think you are important to the city. You are a part of this great urban play. Everybody is here an actor, yet there’s no prescript. There are no limited choices. You are here to share your movements, your attitude, your logic! Everybody can see you, can feel you, learn from you, but yet, you have the same feelings about others. In this great play all the roles have equally the same importance. Even if you are not in the mood, even if you prefer to just sit at the corner, even if you fell asleep under a tree or get drown in your dreams, YOU are still very important.


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