The Accordion Box

Catering kiosks are produced in different sizes and materials, corresponding to their functional aspects and usages in different urban spaces.
Our goal for designing the Accordion Box was to create mobile spatial variations, which can change through different needs and conditions. Furthermore, it can provide the appropriate interior circulation and most importantly it provides a simple and economical assembling and uninstallation system as well.
Structural system of the Accordian Boxes is simply fromed of steel frames, which on one hand perform as skeleton and on the other hand have railing details that make the Accordian effect possible.
The other layer that covers the interior space consists of wooden/plastic panels, which will be placed within the frames. These panels can be designed in different sizes and they can be removed to provide circulation inside the boxes; or be opened in horizontal rotation, to create shelter and small serving area for the costumers. Keeping the same geometry, it turns to solar panels on the roof to provide sustainable energy in sunny days.
At the end, one by one they go inside each other and the facilities are placed in the smallest box and a single closed box is ready for transfer. The units can be put together in different orientations to create variety of urban circulations: where to move forward, where to stop and buy something to eat, and where to sit and enjoy your meal.

Berlin, Germany
Architectural Design

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