Gender Sensitive Sport Spaces in TU Berlin

This project was a proposal for a gender sensitive sport space in Technical University of Berlin and tried to achieve the highest level of participation of different target groups, specially women. At the present conditions, the allocated spaces are mostly dominated by groups of men and this makes women to be involved less.
Recent studies clearly show that gender-specific presence in and appropriation of green spaces and parks vary strongly, owing not least of all to spatial design and especially to rules of use. For instance, the presence of women in green areas, parks, and squares increases markedly if their appropriation wishes are taken into account, if, for example, pleasant refuges are available, if the design itself and rules of use impose quieter appropriation patterns, if a sense of security prevails, and if the aesthetic and atmospheric standards apparently more precious to women than men are met. Then women will not only be present in greater numbers but there will be considerably fewer gender-specific differences in behaviour. Women are far less present or concentrate in peripheral areas where open spaces are designed more for movement-intensive activities or self-presentation before others.

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