"All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable."
Frank Lloyd Wright

MABZ is an independent cooperation of Architect "Sadaf Ahadi" & Urban Designer "Kia Massoudi", based on accommodation of world-wide standpoints, modeling the best visual and practical architectural solutions in terms of culture.
Since our collaboration our main focus was to bring the sense of place and cultural considerations back to today's architecture and urban design, which seems to get more and more cultureless and identityless, based on merely technical (and if lucky sustainability) issues. Our belief is that architecture without culture and identity is no more ART and turns into just an INDUSTRY which can never fulfil the human needs but their lowest needs of accomodation.
Considering architecure as an art, it's a complex mixture of all other forms of art, which is deeply influenced by different cultures. Yet the mystery here is the matter of how to combine all these forms of art into a single form or structure, reflecting the fact that has been argued time to time, that mentioned architecture as "the mother of all arts" alternatively, 'first' or also 'last' among them.
These are our main concerns to be achieved.

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